I have enjoyed this week immenseIy! Super busy as ever, a lot of party planning going on and collaborations brewing:D

I had a brilliant time meeting and getting messy with the first staff group from Class of Their Own to take part in the JuliaArts Core Kit Face Paint Training...a few pictures below:) Together we're aiming for a little army of face painting playworkers!:D

It's a loooong time since I've stood at the front of a training room and I still love it!
It takes lots of preparation and I'm considering making the Core Kits and training notes available on the JuliaArts site for everyone. (Class of Their Own currently have their own secret page here with lots of lovely goodies hidden on it, shhhhhh)

Aaannnd this week a little more body painting, this time with lovely photographer Nichola Salvato. We hope to be bringing you some more collaborations soon, including the opportunity for your own photoshoot :D

Aaaaaannnnnd The Quarterly Draw on 20th June was won by Indy Rosekilly of Growing Artists :D