Been super super busy!

The Marafun went r-e-a-l-l-y fast! four hours in a flash of faces :D
Think it was my most challenging gig so far as well...

   outdoors I have previously learnt to deal with fast drying paints, melting paints and clogging brushes, sun in my eyes, sun in the customers eyes etc etc..

this was my first, frozen fingers, shivering customers, chilled paints not blending well in windy conditions that dried as fast as they gave people goosebumps! :P

It was certainly a test between brands of paint and how long it takes to defrost a Julia :D

This week my activities will be; chasing a mysteriously disappearing paint order, more site building and prep for a party on Saturday:D

Aaaand this week my first full body paint request

Aaaaannd my first Diamond Jubilee booking :D