I am happy with my little business!:D

 I frequently feel I have far to go. It's easy to fear falling short when there are so many amazing artist trail blazing in the world of face and body art.
Here are a few of my fave inspirational people so you can see for yourself!:D Lynne Jamieson, Caroline Young, Annie Reynolds, Mona Turnbull, Mark Reid Victoria Gugenheim and Craig Tracy
The list is far from exhaustive and includes a mix of my peers and those considered masters of body art

I frequently (as most artists do) feel clumsy and deeply knowing of my lack of technical skill and ability as an artist...

but you know what...I work hard and honestly, I work for and strive to benefit the women, families, children and local businesses in my community at the same time as nurturing this little business in the hope of continuing to offer my services in helpful and fun ways

I try absolutely to get my head out of the way and let some sort of gorgeousness arrive in paint form, however humble my actual abilities are, to let the beauty of the paint, colours, women, children, performers and ideas shine through:D

...And not everybody needs to hire a world class or award winning painter!

 I am someone nearby, who cares what my customers want and will work to help them achieve what they are imagining, whether it is outstanding fancy dress makeup at Halloween, lots of bright smiling faces at a party, or a celebration of a special event or time in the life of their body with a truly unique memento...and that's pretty cool:) xxx

 (I am also doing a little bit of art on paper again!:Dxx)

Photo taken by LikeLife Images for Blind Pig Deep Sea Odyssey